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Update 28/04/22: We are currently making all pieces to order, please allow approx. 8 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order

Ridge dragon finialRidge dragon

Ridge dragon half round

Price: £305.00 (inc. VAT)
Delivery: Included to England & Wales
Product Code: FIN-KINGHR

This lovely traditional style dragon finial has been specially resculptured to fit on a long half round ridge tile to give an additional fitting option to those that want to add or restore a decorative architectural feature to the roof. The dragon finial design is a quality replica of a classic Victorian roof dragon and features beautiful detailing. The half round ridge tile that the dragon is based upon is a very versatile ridge because it can be installed on almost any roof pitch and works very well when installed alongside other half round ridge tiles

The dragon finial features outstretched wings, claws, scales and muscular detailing and makes for a stunning and eye catching roof feature. It is on a larger scale to some of the other dragon designs that we offer and is a great choice for a piece that is sure to get noticed when up on the roof

Colours Available

Antique_TerracottaAntique Terracotta

All finials are finished in antique terracotta by default. The colour suits most terracotta roofs, it features a stained antique effect which gives it a lovely aged appearance


This colour is offered as an alternative standard colour option. It comes in matt finish but we can also offer the colour in satin finish which gives the colour a sheen

Slate_Grey Slate Grey

Slate grey is offered as another standard colour option. The slate grey colour is a mid grey colour which is perfect for slate roofs and grey coloured roof tiles and fittings

colour_matchingColour matching from £15 extra per finial

We can produce finials in all kinds of colours, textures, effects and finishes with amazing results. Customers tend to use colour matched finials for traditional and heritage projects, restoration work, adding and restoring detail to the roof but maintaining a uniform look where the finial is in keeping with the roof ridges, tiles and fittings. Also wonderful feature finials can be produced to make something extra special or personal. We recommend posting samples to our workshop in Essex, the sample can be as small as 1" to save on postage costs

More info about colour matching

We have done colour matching to photos but the colour match is likely not to be as close because often a computer monitor or printer will produce a slightly different shade difference to the real physical colour of a sample. For a closer match the manufacturer's name and colour of the roof tile may enable us to source a tile sample locally to be used for colour matching direclty to a sample

We colour and texture match finials to all roof tile manufacturers roofing products

You can order colour matching by selecting the colour matching option via the choose colour dropdown box when adding a product to your basket via the website or alternatively we can send you an invoice via email made out for the product(s) with colour matching

If you have a colour match sample to send to us please contact us and we will provide our finial workshop address to send tile samples to us direct. Please note we no longer colour match to photos as lighting conditions and screen colour setups can distort the true colour but if there is no sample available we can produce a generic colour to be more in keeping



deliveryUK Mainland Customers (England & Wales) Delivery with tracking number is included in the price

Non UK Mainland & European Customers Please contact us for a delivery quote

Please allow around 7-8 weeks from when the order is placed to receive goods. We can give an estimate on lead time and advise on stock levels. Delivery can be less than 7-8 weeks for single item orders depending on stock and availability. Please note delivery time can take slightly longer than 7-8 weeks if you place a large order or require pieces to be colour matched

The delivery day is likely to be either a Tuesday or Thursday and deliveries can be between 9:00am to 15:30pm. Customers are advised to provide an address where the courier can obtain a signature for goods to minimise delay in receiving goods

Performance & Quality

All products are made in accordance with British Standard versions (BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004)

The products meet strict performance criteria in terms of structural strength, impermeability to rainwater and freeze-thaw resistance. The products are made from a concrete based mix reinforced with small fibreglass strands and additives with several top coats applied to give it’s final appearance. The colour of the finial runs all the way through the piece resulting in a strong and long lasting product


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