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Yellow buff dragon chimney pot install Holtby York
This set of photos was taken by a customer that ordered one of the yellow buff dragon chimney pots and features on a beautiful property in the picturesque village of Holtby in York

sandstone chimney pot

They were having some roofing work done on their property and as part of the works they were looking for something unique and a little unusual to decorate their chimney stack. The property features two chimney stacks and they opted to go for one of our lovely dragon chimney pots in a yellow buff colour to match their other plain chimney pots

buff chimney pot yellow chimney pot

The install looks really nice. The roofers have secured the dragon pot in place with a bed of mortar (the pot features a very faint line on the bottom as a guide for the depth of the mortar). The builders then later added a metal stainless steel sprung bird guard which springs to the inner dimensions of the chimney pot and guards against birds and other wildlife nesting and getting into the chimney

holtby in york bathstone chim pots

The customer was absolutely delighted with their yellow buff pot and has commented that passers-by and visitors notice the dragon pot on the chimney because it is a lovely eye catching and unusual architectural feature

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