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Victorian 50 degree fleur finial install
Customer's Original Roof FinialWe received a request from a customer to advise on a suitable replacement roof finial to replace their broken finial. The customer lives in a road where all properties have the same or similar looking finials and she was able to send us a picture of their neighbours finial

Getting an angled finial to fit the roof well is important, we worked out from the picture sent that a 50 degree angled finial would be best suited

This initially posed a problem for us because at the time we didn't stock or supply a 50 degree scroleld fleur de lis finial. By combining an exisitng ridge base and finial crest we came up with a custom finial that was very close to the original:

Custom Roof Finial

The below picture shows the finial installed on the roof and it is very similar to the original finial that was on the roof before. The customer was delighted with the finish:

Victorian 50 Degree Fleur Finial Installed

Victorian fleur de lys finial Victorian fleur de lys finial £150.00