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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Two tone enchantment roof dragon

Two tone enchantment roof dragon
This is a lovely two tone enchantment roof dragon finial featuring darker brown ridge tile detail and lighter terracotta dragon sculpture

The dragon finial features brown glass eyes and is a very distinctive and eye catching piece perfect for decorating the roof or perhaps a tiled porch, shed or garage roof where it can be seen up close to appreciate its looks and detailing

See the 2 x photos taken below showing the detail and colouring. The dragon looks great and stands out against the ridge tile:

mythical dragon finial two tone terracotta two tone ridge dragon finial terracotta

The 2 x photos below show a close up of the eye details and the facial features and wings and scales of the dragon:

close up mythical dragon finial two tone terracotta winged dragon finial two tone terra cotta

This would be a special order item but you can order the finial design by using the below link and if you would like any special colour matching effects and eyes please contact us for more details:

Dragon roof tile finial Dragon roof tile finial £250.00