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Two tone dragon chimney pot
Two Tone Dragon Chimney PotThis is a lovely naturally weathered and detailed two tone style bathstone dragon chimney pot produced for a customer that wanted a nice looking rustic piece to go on their chimney stack

The dragon chimney pot colour is through coloured and although the finish was a uniform bathstone colour years of natural weathering and the dark smoke from their log burner that exits the pot via the flue liner has meant that the black detailing has collected naturally on the pot to give it a great rustic look. The dragon pot functions as a fully working chimney, the customer used a flue lining inside the pot to give the pot heat resistance. For working chimneys we recommend using a suitable flue liner because the temperature of the gasses and smoke fumes can be very hot

The install looks fantastic and the delighted customer sent through the pictures below:

Two Tone Dragon Chimney Pot

The below pictures show the dragon chimney pot from different angles:

Decorative Chimney PotChimney Pot

Chimney pot dragon bath stone Chimney pot dragon bath stone £275.00