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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Terracotta dragon chimney pot installed on pizza oven

Terracotta dragon chimney pot installed on pizza oven
This is a lovely pizza oven featuring one of our dragon chimney pots. The customer had drawn up their own pizza oven plans and wanted the design to feature in the back garden and built it using brick and mortar construction

The pizza oven features lovely authentic extras and tiny details such as a log store, ironwork greenman and some terracotta plant pots with potted plants. Most pizza ovens feature an exit where the smoke and gasses can escape and often they have a chimney which can look plain. The customer wanted to add something a little extra special to their pizza oven and they fell in love with one of our terracotta dragon chimney pots. A decorative chimney pot is a great idea for a pizza oven because the rest of the oven is ornate and the pot can add a little extra architectural character and charm

We supplied a beautiful ornate terracotta dragon chimney pot to decorate and finish off the pizza oven. The customer was absolutely delighted with the chimney pot and sent in a picture showing the finished install:

terracotta dragon chimney pot installed on a pizza oven

If you would like to order the pot in the same style as above or opt for a special colour combo please contact us for more info or see the listing we have below:

Chimney pot dragon Chimney pot dragon £275.00