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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Tab cat finial natural brown colour match

Tab cat finial natural brown colour match
This special cat was produced for a customer that had some roof repairs carried out and a new roof installed on their garage

tab cat natural brown2013 002

The customer was a self confessed cat lover and wanted a colour matched cat to match their name of tile natural brown ridges. The customer liked the idea of the cat being done in a different colour so it stands out on the roof so the cat was finished in terracotta

We can produce a cat in the same\similar style as seen in the pictures also we can do this effect with all sculptured pieces such as the dragons, gargoyles, animals and angels

tab cat natural brown2013 004

If you need a colour matched roof finial or a custom commissioned piece please contact us to discuss requirements. The special pieces that are commissioned are manufactured with through coloured dye so that the colour runs all the way through the piece

Cat finial on half round Cat finial on half round £200.00