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Smooth sided square roof finial
This is a special smooth sided version of the square roof finial range that we offer with a lovely ball top finial crest. It is specially made with double hipped roofs, pyramid shaped or square roofs in mind

Normally there is an ornate section on each of the four sides of the finial but the customer in this case wanted something a bit plainer and traditional looking so opted to go for a smooth sided roof finial to decorate their roof:

Square ball top finial 1

Below shows the square finial taken from an angle, it has nice proportions and in addition to double hip roofs can also be installed on flat surfaces too

Square ball top finial 2

If you would like to order the finial design check out the below link. We can do the smooth side effect on any of the square roof finial range and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Ball top spire finial Ball top spire finial £165.00