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Slate grey horse roof finials
A big thanks goes to Maggi for sending in these lovely pictures of slate grey horse finials that were installed on the properties gable ends and on the dormers. Here are a few snaps showing the end result:

horse roof finial installed on the roof slate grey roof finial horse

The horse finials are a lovely feature pieces for the roof and can be finished in a range of colours including antique terracotta, slate grey and anthracite. We can of course produce of colour finishes or do colour matching upon request. Check out the next couple of pictures that show the horse finials from front on and the side view:

horse roof finial installed on dormer roof dormer roof slate grey horse finials

The horse finials are a nice feature to view from ground level. Maggi got some good shots of one of them being installed. The first picture shows the horse bedded in with mortar and ready to accept the ridge tile behind. The second picture shows the slate grey concrete ridge tile being fitted beside the horse and the mortar joints finished up nicely:

slate grey horse finial installed on gable end dormer horse finial installed on the roof

If you are interested in this finial design check out the below listing on our online shop and choose the slate grey colour option:

Column horse roof finial Column horse roof finial £155.00