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Sandstone fleur de lis finial
Roof_finial_done_in_sandstoneWe get many requests to do colour matched roof finials and we can do pretty much any colour that a customer requires and achieve the best results if a customer sends us a colour sample to do the colour matching to. A customer needed a large decorative buff sandstone colour matched finial to finish off a decorative roof feature and the most fitting piece for the job was one of the large fleur de lis finials in our range

The customer posted a small buff sandstone colour sample to us so we could get to work on producing the bespoke piece and as the piece goes through several stages of curing and finishing we can colour match closely to their sandstone sample

The end result was a very nice and decorative buff sandstone coloured roof finial that will become the centrepiece of the customer's roof feature. The customer had surrounding buff sandstone colour roof tiles and ridges which are quite unusual for roofs but would ook very decorative and the customer was very pleased with their bespoke made roof finial that blends in near seamlessly with their unusual and decorative buff sand stone roof

Sandstone_roof_finial bigball_finial_bathstone_004

If you would like to buy a similar finial or the finial design used in this colour match, check out the product below in our online shop:

Large fleur de lis finial Large fleur de lis finial £195.00