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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Roof finials on greek villa in Crete

Roof finials on greek villa in Crete
These lovely ornamental terracotta roof finials decorate a beautiful Greek villa in Crete. The customer was having some roof work undertaken and was looking for some decorative roof finials to decorate the villa roof:

crete heraklion roof finial decoration

The penthouse villa has some nice gable end dormer roofs and the fleur ball finials are a good choice because the ridge profile was a good match for the ridge tile featured on the villa and the crest head looks nice and decorative

κορυφογραμμή κεραμίδι

The customer is quite well travelled and although we didn’t ship them directly to Crete they was able to arrange onwards transport and the roofers have done a great job of installing them. We received some really nice comments from the customer and they are absolutely delighted with the finials

You can order the finial design by using the below link and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Small fleur ball finial Small fleur ball finial £125.00