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Roof dragons in Whitstable, Kent
On an outing to the lovely town of Whitstable in Kent I was amazed to spot these stunning roof dragons on 4 consecutive houses on a journey from Whitstable to Herne Bay

original edwardian roof dragons

I couldn't resist taking a picture as the weather was good and there were 4 I presume original roof dragons perched on the roofs in all their glory which must be quite a rare sight to see so many together. The dragons are very vivid and eye catching in real life and the pictures although great doesn't do them any justice

Edwardian roof decoration ornate edwardian roof dragons

The design of these dragons looks to be inspired by the oriental style. In Chinese culture dragons are believed to bring good luck and the symbolism of having a dragon on the roof is to bring good luck and fortune to the household

We do have 2 very similar offerings in our range both of which are resculptured replicas of an original and bear quite a close resemblance to the dragons featured above

One of the dragons has a sculptured tongue, the other dragon is similar but the head and features are slightly different

Oriental roof wyvern finial Oriental roof wyvern finial £250.00