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Roof dragon installed on a porch
The roof dragon install pictured below was for an Ebay customer that was looking for something decorative to install on their porch. They opted to go for one of our lovely architectural and decorative roof dragons after spotting it on ebay when searching for finials and roof decorations and they had also located it listed on our website:

Roof dragon installed on a porch

The customer had built a new porch that was to be roofed with slates and terracotta ridge tiles. The angle of the roof going on the porch was approx 110 degrees and although the dragon finial is more suited to a 90 degree pitch roof the install looked good because the piece is quite versatile and by using a little extra mortar to install the roof dragon and ridge tiles it made for a nice and neat install

It was important to the customer that the dragon wasn't too overbearing on the roof and this dragon was a great choice because it falls into the category of what we consider our smaller range of roof dragons and it looks nice and in proportion on the roof

At night time the customer has a decorative porch light situated near and beneath the roof dragon and it illuminates the dragon nicely in the early evening

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