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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Redland universal slate grey angel colour match

Redland universal slate grey angel colour match
This angel roof finial is a special custom commission for a customer that wanted to match up to their redland universal slate grey ridge tiles

Angel segmental universal slate grey finial

The Angel is to be installed on a gable end roof and will be the end tile on the ridge line to give the roof a decorative finish. The colour matching looks really good and very close to the original sample provided and gives peace of mind that when it is installed on the roof it will look good

Colour matching is just £10 extra per finial

If you have searched to find a finial that has a specific colour and you can't find the colour you are looking for we can help. Bespoke roof finials can be produced in just about any colour imaginable with amazing results. If you need a really close colour match why not send us a tile sample or even a small fragment so that we can match directly to the phyiscal sample

If you'd like to order a similar finial please contact us for more details regarding our colour matching

Angel architectural ridge tile Angel architectural ridge tile £205.00