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Pyramid double hip roof finial install
This set of photos was sent in by a customer that was constructing a rectangular extension to the rear of their property that features a 4 sided roof (double hip). The roof features hip tiles running up on each corner to a centre point

The pictures below show the construction of the roof before the finial was secured and mortared in:

double hip roof before finial install double hipped roof before finial install

The customer opted to go for one of our 4 sided square finials to decorate their extension roof. The finial sits on the top and is mechanically secured with metal strapping (this is coiled up on the underside of the finials) and secured to the roof by screws. The mortar bed hides the metal strapping and screws and also secures the finial to the roof

square finial on pyramid roof 4 sided roof finial on double hip roof

The customer was after a contrasting coloured roof finial and opted for our standard antique terracotta colour because they wanted it to stand out on the roof

They was absolutely delighted with their square roof finial. You can order the finial design by using the below link and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Fleur de lys spire finial Fleur de lys spire finial £165.00