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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Marley dark red granular colour matched gargoyle finial
Marley dark red granular colour matched gargoyle finial
A customer had purchased some marley dark red granular plain tiles to reroof their property

They had some marley ridge tiles running along the ridge line and as part of the re-roofing work wanted to add a gothic architectural feature that matched in with the colour scheme. They opted to go for our segmental gargoyle finial colour matched to their roof tile sample and sent a small sample from a broken ridge:

marley dark red granular segmental gargoyle colour matching

The tile sample was sent in the post to our workshop and the customer wanted just the ridge tile colour matched and the gargoyle to be terracotta to create a unique 2 tone finial

The tile had a rough sand finish\texture and was a darker red terracotta than our standard colour but the finished gargoyle bears a close likeness to the roof tile sample provided. Below are some more pictures:

eternit dark red granular gargoyle colour match.jpg

marley dark red granular gargoyle colour match

We can produce bespoke pieces in just about any colour. Contact us to discuss requirements, pricing is typically £10 extra on top of prices advertised on websites unless your requirements or the colour match is more complex