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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Marley ashurst roof dragon colour match

Marley ashurst roof dragon colour match
roof dragon marley ashurst pic1 This special roof dragon was a custom colour match finial that closely resembles and matches in with a Marley Ashdowne clay roof tile in the Ashurst colour. The customer had bought some reclaimed Marley Ashdowne roof tiles and needed a roof dragon to match to finish off the reroof. The roof dragon was poured with the dye running all the way through the piece (through coloured) and several finishing top coats were applied to give the finishing piece a near perfect resemblance to a Marley Ashdowne roof tile

We can offer colour matching on any of the products in the range or produce a roof finial in the same colour as this piece. For more information and pricing please contact us for details

roof dragon marley ashurst pic2

roof dragon marley ashurst pic5

The colour matching was based on the dragon finial below. If you would like to order this dragon finial simply choose the "buy this" option and tell us which colour finish you would like in the comments section at the end of the ordering process

Small roof dragon Small roof dragon £205.00