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Marley anthracite roof finial colour match
anthracite This colour match was produced for a customer in April 2011. The customer had a property in Germany and they were searching for a suitable finial because they had recently added a porch to the house and the roof tiles that came with the porch were in an anthracite colour

The customer was looking for a colour match that was as close as possible so we done some searching and identified the tiles as marley anthracite plain tiles. The customers tile sample was finished in anthracite and we got the go ahead to do the colour match to this colour

The piece produced was poured with through coloured dye and left to cure for 5-6 days. The piece was then colour matched as close as possible to the anthracite colour sample:

Marley Anthracite Roofing Finial

When the finial was finished it was securely packaged and sent to the customers UK address and they arranged the shipping to Germany. We received some great feedback and pictures from the customer when the piece was installed

"It is absolutely marvelous, and has caught the attention of neighbours and passer’s by alike, as a finial like the one from you is not a common sight in Germany. Let me thank you again for your great service"

Marley Anthracite Finial On RoofMarley Anthracite Finial Installed

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