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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Large ball top roof finial install with scaffolding in London

Large ball top roof finial install with scaffolding in London
This is a picture taken shortly after one of the tall ball range roof finials was installed on a lovely gable pitched roof on a property in London. The picture was taken whilst the scaffolding was still up and works were ongoing with the roof but the customer was delighted with the finial and wanted to show how good the colour match turned out to the adjacent tiles:

tall ball top roof finial install with scaffolding london

It was a nice bespoke colour match piece and the customer had arranged for the design and build company managing the project to arrange for a ridge tile offcut to be posted to us for colour matching during the manufacturing stage to get the roof finial looking close to the ridge tiles

The customer was impressed with the colour and quality and also contacted us to purchase a 2nd finial for the porch:

“I was thinking of maybe ordering a second, smaller finial to go over our porch, which sits under a small pitched roof. I am after something smallish, and liked the owl finial you have. However I really need it to be angled rather than rounded. 90 degree ridge tile should do it. Could you do an owl in that base? Or does it need the round base?, Could you colour match with the same sample?”
We offered the customer the option of an owl finial but unfortunately we didn’t have one available on an angled base but instead we do have a nice dove finial

The customer opted to go for a colour matched dove finial and was absolutely delighted with their finials and sent us a nice feedback comment:
“Just wanted to say thanks for the finials and great job on the colour match - spot on! Just need to get the scaffolding down so we can fit the dove, but the tall ball looks like it has been there forever!”

If you would like to order the finial design check out the below link. If you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Tall ball roof finial Tall ball roof finial £195.00