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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Hawk roof finial slate grey and terracotta

Hawk roof finial slate grey and terracotta
This special Hawk roof finial was produced for a customer that had grey concrete roof tiles and ridge tiles on their roof. The property also features terracotta brickwork so they wanted a piece that would work and match up with the overall look of the property. This was the colour submitted for the ridge tile base:

grey concrete tile

The customer wanted the hawk to really stand out and opted for a bright vivid terracotta colour to contrast nicely against the grey coloured ridge tile. This is the finished piece

grey ridge tile hawk roof finial bespoke hawk roof finial slate grey and terracottabespoke bird of prey finial outside custom roof finial hawk

The Hawk is to be installed on the customers gable end. The half round ridge tile fitting would also allow it to be installed anywhere along the ridge line on the roof so these are quite a versatile finial

We have the hawk available and show it in a single colour, doing a special effect such as this does cost a little extra but contact us with your requirements and we can give a price

Bird finial Bird finial £205.00