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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Hawk roof finial colour match

Hawk roof finial colour match
This special Hawk roof finial was colour matched to a customer's tile sample

bird roof finial colour match

The customer has a terracotta roof tile sample that has a black striping effect on random parts of it. The hawk finial was colour matched closely and the random striped effect on the hawk was replicated so that when the piece is installed on the roof it will blend in nicely with the ridge tiles, roof tiles and other fittings on the roof

hawk roof finial colour matching bird of prey finial colour match

The Hawk is to be installed on the customers gable end of the roof but the half round ridge tile fitting would also allow it to be installed anywhere along the ridge line on the roof

We have the hawk available in the roof finial shop:

Bird finial Bird finial £205.00