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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Half round ridge cat finial on the roof

Half round ridge cat finial on the roof
This is a lovely two tone half round ridge cat finial that was produced for an animal welfare sanctuary to decorate a gable end roof

It is based on a standard half round sized ridge tile and the ridge tile section is colour matched to the ridge tiles and the cat is coloured a dark brown colour to stand out

A keen eye may spot that although the cat finial is indeed a half round the actual ridge tiles are segmental (third round) ridges. We do have segmental cat finials but the customer really fell in love with the cat sculpture and the roofer has done a great job installing it and it works fine alongside the segmental ridge tiles

cat ridge tile on the roof cat on the roof finial

The below images shows the cat peeking over the gable end from the ridge line

ridge tile cat on the roof

You can order the cat finial design by using the below link and if you would like any special colour matching effects please contact us for more details:

Felix cat roof finial Felix cat roof finial £195.00