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Gargoyle on the roof
This is one of our stunning half round ridge tile gargoyle roof finials installed on the roof

It is a nice neat install and it features on a roof tiled with half round ridge tiles and plain tiles with a dark weathered effect:

backup gargoyle on porch

Our roof finials are great for restoration work and can be coloured all different colours to fit in with existing tiles and features. The gargoyle can be installed on the roof by using either mortar fixing and bedding it in just like a ridge tile or a combination of mortar fixing and mechanical fixing. There is a metal strap fitted to the underside of the gargoyle and it features a series of holes which can be nailed or screwed in to the roof structure and the mortar seals and hides the metal strapping

You can order the finial design by using the below link and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Gargoyle finial Gargoyle finial £250.00