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Gargoyle colour match french tile
This was a colour match that was done to a french terracotta roof tile on one of the gargoyle roof finials in the range

Roof_Gargoyle_Aged_Colour_Match Gargoyle_French_Tile_Colour_Match

The French tile had a terracotta base colour and then a layers of black spots and speckles and one tiny layer of blue spots to make quite a rustic looking terracotta tile. The customer was looking for a finial to match in well with this effect but didn't want something that looked brand spanking new because it would look out of place and may take a while to weather down

We done an aged looking gargoyle finial for the customer so that it matches in more closely to the style of French roof tiles they had:


If you would like to buy this gargoyle design we sell it on our online shop. Let us know if you would like a special colour match done:

Gargoyle finial Gargoyle finial £250.00