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Engraved chimney pots
Now here's for something completely different, we had a request to make some bespoke engraved chimney pots which featured personalised names engraved into the pots so that the pots took on a personal touch and added a unique feature to a cottage renovation project. The customer wanted something a little bit different and wanted us to make our stamp on the chimney pots so we jointly came up with the idea of doing the engravings


The engravings cannot be seen clearly from ground level but the customer liked the idea that if a builder or roofer ever had to maintain, remove or clean the pots in the future, perhaps 100 years from now they will be intrigued by the names on the pots and a small metal plaque

Chimney_pot_with_personalised_engraving Metal_Plaque_Small
In addition to the engravings on the chimney pots we made a small metal plaque to go with the pots which will give the chimney pots an extra accompanying feature and will also bear the date that the pots were made

If you would like to buy the pots used in this project check out the product on our shop. If you would like some engravings please contact us for further details and to discuss requirements:

Chimney pot dragon Chimney pot dragon £275.00