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Dragon pots terracotta and bathstone
These two lovely dragon pots were pieces produced for two customers with different requirements for their roofs. One of the customers was finishing off their chimney stack which features yellow brickwork and wanted a decorative chimney pot to add character and charm. The other customer was building a fabulous outdoor pizza oven and when they saw our unique terracotta dragon chimney pot the fell in love with it and it is to be the finishing feature for the gasses and fumes that go out through the chimney flue in the pizza oven:

terracotta and bathstone chimney pots

The terracotta dragon is a special two colour chimney pot where the dragon is colour slightly darker than the pot to stand out. The bathstone dragon pot also features the dragon coloured darker with black detailing to give it an aged appearance and makes for a nice architectural piece for the roof

The pots are unique and stunning and this is only a small taste of what colours we can produce. Check out a couple more pictures taken at different angles:

dragon pots terracotta and bathstone decorative chimney pots with dragon

The first of the two pictures about show the dragon's bodies wrapped around the pot nicely, the facial features, claws, legs, wings and scales. The second of the two pictures show the arms, neck and head better and the detailing in the tail

If you are interested in either of these dragon designs check out our dragon pots at: