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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Dragon finial on gable end extension roof

Dragon finial on gable end extension roof
This lovely two tone dragon finial was a bespoke piece that we created for a customer that wanted a feature piece to decorate their new extension roof. The dragon was named "Firebolt" and guards over the property from on high. It is finished with a terracotta ridge and dragon finished in a contrasting brown colour

The customer was delighted with their dragon and kindly sent in some photos of the dragon basking in the lovely spring sunshine

Below are a couple of pictures taken of Firebolt from the front right hand side and the back view:

guardian dragon finial installed on roof colour matched dragon finial on extension roof

The next two pictures are taken from the left hand side of the dragon on the gable end:

dragon finial on gable end extension roof roof dragon on extension gable end

The choice of two tone colours really makes the dragon stand out on the roof and adds charm and character. Please check out our below listing on our online shop and if you would like to go for colour matching or two tone colour please contact us for more details:

Dragon ridge tile finial Dragon ridge tile finial £250.00