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Home Finial Pictures Roof Finial Restoration Decorative half round grape finial restoration
Decorative half round grape finial restoration
This job was a special restoration project for a customer that had an unusual but decorative half round grape finial

The roof finial had broken and the customer had invested a bit time searching around for a similar roof finial to their design but to no avail. After contacting us to query what we have in our range it quickly became apparent that we too didn't have a similar design to their original:

original roof finial base and stemoriginal roof finial crest head

We prepared a quote for the customer for making some replicas. The customer was able to supply one complete finial to be repaired and from which a mould could be taken. The workshop carried out some minor repairs to the piece including repair of hairline cracks and giving the piece an acid bath to remove algae and moss

original roof finial sanded prepared and smoothed

When the roof finial was ready for mould making the finial was moulded and encased in fibreglass. An outer fibreglass shell with wood and release bolts was also added to give its strength and finish off the mould

inner fibreglass mould of the roof finialinner mould making process

mould making process of the roof finialroof finial crest head moulding process

The ridge tile base and stem were moulded separately from the finial crest head

roof finial ridge base and stem finished fibreglass mouldroof finial crest head finished fibreglass mould

The workshop reproduced some quality replicas of the original finial and below are a set of pictures showing the finished work:

replica and original roof finial side by sidereplica roof finial reproduced

finished replica roof finial