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Home Finial Articles Coping stones 12 inch (12")
Coping stones 12 inch (12")
We produce good quality replica square 12 inch coping stones that fit over double thickness walls. Our replicas are made from the same material as the finials and chimney pots (a reconstituted stone concrete mix) and they are british kitemarked. They can be used to great effect on:

- A firewall or also known as a party wall or boundary wall (the type that seperates two properties and helps prevent the spread of fire) up on the roof

- As a good quality replacmeent for worn or damaged coping stones

- Garden walls as an architectural decorative feature

Below pictures show the standard open ended coping stone:

coping stones

We also do the capped end coping stones which are good for finishing a run of coping stones off on the end:

partition wall capped end cap end coping stone for firewall roofCapped end coping stone coping stone block end

Terracotta coping stones are £15.00 each excl. delivery. Please contact us with requirements and delivery costs to your postcode

The coping stones are finished in antique terracotta by default but can also be painted with masonry paint (try on a test card first a 50\50 mix masonry paint and water). They can also be made to order in other colours such as white, anthracite, bathstone, sandstone and slate grey for example. The coping stones are made to fit over a double row of bricks or brick pillars and they feature chamfered edges so that water runs off them and so that they fit snug over the bricks

Below is a diagram showing the measurements:

coping stones measurement drawing

Pictures of reclaimed original coping stones that a customer sent us (Our new reproductions were a perfect match):

coping stones measurement2 coping stones measurement 1

If you need to source some coping stones contact us for pricing and availability and we can also give an ETA for the manufacturing and delivery time

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