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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching Classic staffordshire blue tile dragons and fleur de lis finials

Classic staffordshire blue tile dragons and fleur de lis finials
This was a special colour match job done for a customer that was after a colour match to a classic Staffordshire blue roof tile. They was interested in whether we could colour match direct to the tile sample to produce some nice bespoke finials or whether we just finish in a standard generic anthracite colour

The customer opted to go for colour matching to match up to their staffordshire blue plain tile as we offer a colour matching option on all finials. They sent a small 1" square sample to our workshop for colour matching to

Below is a couple of photos showing the finished roof finials for 6 x dormer windows:

staffordshire blue finials staffordshire blue roof finials

The customer also wanted something a little bit different to feature on the 2 larger gable ends and they had some nice decorative terracotta brickwork on their chimney stack. We produced a pair of stunning two tone staffordshire blue colour matched dragons with the dragon detail finished in terracotta:

staffordshire blue and terracotta dragons

The customer was absolutely delighted with their lovely bespoke roof finials. You can order the finial designs by using the below links and if you would like any special colour matching effects contact us for more details:

Ridge dragon finial Ridge dragon finial £285.00

Column fleur de lis finial Column fleur de lis finial £150.00