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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Chinese themed tea house roof dragons
Chinese themed tea house roof dragons
This is a fabulous chinese themed tea house based in the Dordogne region of France

It features several of our roof dragons based on segmental ridge tile fittings on the ridge tile sections running down the roof on each corner and on the top hip end. This amazing chinese tea house themed building is situated in the garden and is surrounded by beautiful French countryside and woodland

The customer supplied us with one of their french ridge tiles to colour matched to and collected the dragons from our workshop. They was absolutely delighted with the colour matched dragons and later when the chinese tea house was built and the roof was finished they took some stunning photos of the finished install:

chinese garden house

Picture above shows the chinese tea house nestling behind a red tree in a beautiful countryside location

beautiful driveway leading to chinese tea house hay bales in farm leading to chinese tea house

There is a beautiful driveway leading up to the chinese themed tea house and you pass fields with hay bales and wildlife on the way

chinese tea house chinese themed house

The driveway leads down to the chinese tea house and you get a great first impression of the building. You instantly notice the lovely feature sandstones and window frame and of course the stunning roof shape and the dragons 

chinese tea house roof dragons installed chinese tea house with roof dragons

The customer got some great shots from different angles of the chinese tea house complete with the roof dragons installed. The builder\roofer has made a neat and authentic job of incorporating the dragons into the design:

roof dragons on the roof

The dragons above and below are sitting proudly on the roof! They have given that extra finishing touch to the theme and style of the building

close up of roof dragon on chinese tea house roof dragon on the roof
segmental roof dragon on chinese themed roof winged roof dragon on chinese tea house

What a fantastic building and a great job done of recreating an authentic looking chinese themed tea house

So what next for the build?...The inside is to be finished so that it is a comfortable and cosy retreat perfect for all weather and some ground and gardening work complete with some chinese statues and some of our decorative chimney pots for decoration