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Chimney pot garden planter
Chimney_pot_garden_planterWe do a range of dragon chimney pots which not only make a fantastic feature for the roof as a fully working chimney but also can make a stunning feature as a chimney pot garden planter. The pots feature a dragon design that wraps around the pot and the dragon features the wings, scales, legs, arms and face all in beautiful high detail

Customers have novel ways of adapting and installing our products on a diverse range of roofs and structures. Putting flowers in and modifying the chimney pot to make it into a stunning garden feature is a new cool innovation adopted by some of our more creative customers

The chimney pots brighten up the garden and add an interesting focal point and architectural feature. They are a great accompniament to surrounding features, other chimney pots and garden features. The pots can be produced in a range of colour such as terracotta, bath stone, slate grey, black and pretty much whatever colour you can think of to make a bespoke decorative chimney pot planter or feature. Customers add a lining inside the pot so that all manner of plants can be planted into soil inside the chimney pot and beautiful flowers grow out from the pot just like the picture examples in this article


If you would like to buy a chimney pot garden planter just like the one in the pictures please check out the product which can be ordered from the online shop on our website:

Chimney pot dragon Chimney pot dragon £275.00

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