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Home Finial Pictures Customer Pictures Bathstone dragon chimney pot in Cobham

Bathstone dragon chimney pot in Cobham
This is a stunning install of one of our dragon chimney pots finished in bathstone. It features on a beautiful cottage in a small picturesque village in Kent. The dragon pot really stands out because it is coloured in a yellow bathstone colour and contrasts against the terracotta coloured brick work and roof tiles

The below pictures show the lovely chimney stack and a close up picture of the bathstone dragon pot:

bathstone jl chimney pot cobham4 bathstone jl chimney pot cobham

The two pictures below show the dragon pot taken from slightly further away on the other side of the road. It really does look stunning and on a nice day with the blue sky as the backdrop it really stands out and is eye catching

bathstone jl chimney pot cobham2 bathstone jl chimney pot cobham3

The dragon chimney pots can be used to great effect to decorate chimney stacks or they can also be used as decorative planters. If you would like to order the chimney pot design check out the below link. We can also produce special colour matching effects - Contact us for more details:

Chimney pot dragon bath stone Chimney pot dragon bath stone £275.00