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Home Angled finials (gable end)
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Angled finials (gable end) feed

We have a large range of roof finials on different ridge tile fittings that work with practically all kinds of angled roofs from shallow roofs, 90° right angled roofs to steep roofs

The roof finials are a great way to add a decorative finish to the roof and can be used to great effect to restore original architectural detail to the roof if a finial has been broken or removed from the roof. The finials are made to a high standard and are british kitemarked and are commonly used for restoration work

35° roof finials

They look best when fitted on shallow roofs and typically if the roof pitch is wider than 90° they will be a good option. They work well with wider roof pitches of 100-110°

45° roof finials

They look best when fitted on roofs with a 90° pitch. There is also tolerance for them to work with slightly steeper and shallower roofs too so if the roof pitch is a little over or under 90° they can also be fitted

50° & 55° roof finials

They look best when fitted to steeper roofs with roof pitches in the region of 70-80°

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Please contact us for any assistance or advice regarding selecting a suitable roof finial and fitting for your roof plus available colour options we offer and special bespoke colour effects

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