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Home Finial Pictures Colour Matching 2 tone terracotta and dark grey dragon finial

2 tone terracotta and dark grey dragon finial
This was a special colour match dragon finial produced for a customer that had a slate roof with grey ridge tiles but wanted a roof feature that really stood out and was in keeping with their terracotta chimney pots:

2 tone terracotta and dark grey roof dragon 2 tone terracotta and dark grey dragon finial

This dragon finial is a lovely two tone piece and features all of the ridge tile section colour matched to the grey ridge tile sample. As you can see the customer only needed to provide a small sample and as it shows enough of the overall colour it is totally fine to use to colour match to

The dragon is finished in our standard antique terracotta colour which was a good match for their terracotta chimney pots and the dragons legs, tail and claws really stand out against the backdrop of the dark grey ridge tile as they are finished in the antique terracotta colour

We later did a second finial very similar to this one with a slightly lighter shade of grey:

grey and terracotta ridge dragon grey and terracotta dragon finial

If you would like to order something similar contact us for more information and view the product listing for this piece below:

Ridge dragon finial Ridge dragon finial £285.00